The program to protect the environment from the Mediterranean hotels


Mediterranean Village 5*PARALIA KATERINI

Mediterranean Princess 4* – PARALIA KATERINI

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Mediterranean Olympus 4* – LITCHORO PIERIA

The Management and the staff of Mediterranean Hotels tries day to day to contain significantly the impact of our daily activities to the environment. We would appreciate if you contribute to the effort of Mediterranean Hotels to keep the Mediterranean clear and protect the limited sources of water and energy, for the next generations benefit.

The Management and the staff of Mediterranean Hotels know that there are more ways of preservation for the environment. We keep refreshing our environmental policy and we embrace every new motion that can effectively help to the protection of our planet. With joy and honor we salute your contribution to this try.

To The Group Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera, works Organised Plant Conservation Department with qualified technicians, company officials, who continually updated and trained on new technologies. The result of this decision is smooth and under constant supervision function intensive or not systems of our hotels in order to reduce the impact of the operation of our hotels on the environment. In this direction, the Group Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera, by decision of the President of Mr. Vassilis Lambrou, symbolically has designated as responsible Environmental Management Group issues, responsible management of the “Blue Flag” and “Green Key” the foreman of Department of Conservation Group Mediterranean Hotels. In the Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera, occurs an organized Environmental Action Plan, in areas that are developed to the following “Organized Environmental Action Plan” of the Group.

The present text is signature as an absolute commitment of the Management Group for continuous improvement of our actions that aim at protecting the environment, the ecosystem, land of the Olympian Gods, land borrow it from our children and we must deliver on them .

The President of Mediterranean Hotels

Vassilios Lamprou

  • To reduce possible emission of pollution into the atmosphere, the hotel Mediterranean Village, moves to serve our customers and the transportation of our goods is done by electric cars type Golf Cars, while movements of the maintenance department employees are made by bikes.
  • In all the hotels of the Group there is comfortable space of guarded parking, to avoid unnecessary vehicle movements.
  • We always recommend to our customers to use the bicycle rental service for their short breaks to avoid the use of a car.
  • There is a try to take advantage at maximum of mild forms of energy. The result of this effort was almost zero oil consumption today in the Group’s hotels. Used for cooling and heating new type air conditioners and heat pumps, propane washing machines and dryers, solar energy and heat pumps in hot water, propane furnaces and hearths in the kitchens. We attempt to automate the majority of these systems and continuous management and control of an automated central system.
  • There were used minimally in the construction of buildings amounts of asbestos, which during the renovations are also removed .
  • For the maintenance of the gardens of our hotel complexes, there is an effort to complete absence of pesticides and other chemical enhancers.
  • The variety of turf accommodation Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess is such that it requires the use of herbicides and fungicides drugs. The weed removal is done by manually manner when required.
  • The green maintenance is done using only organic fertilizers to avoid the presence of heavy metals in the water table underground.
  • In hotels Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess connection with force mains to the central municipality sewage pipeline and by extension to the main Organic Cleansing Municipality of Katerini in Pieria Variko. At the Hotels Mediterranean Resort and Mediterranean Olympus there is a direct connection with the Municipal sewage pipeline.
  • The colors used for the painting of the rooms of customers and in public areas of our hotels are not classified as dangerous according to Directive 1999/45 / EC and its amendments.
  • Automatic dosing of detergents and chemicals at all dishwashers, glasses and linens, as not large amounts of these are consumed.
  • Prompt to our customers with messages in each room using “friendly” friendly toiletries and if possible in small quantities. The use of shampoos in showers of beach is forbidden .
  • For better planning of our activities and in collaboration with University Units from all over Greece in a research program, a complete weather station is installed in a building of the complex Mediterranean Village, providing daily data on sunshine, rainfall, humidity and temperature while monitoring shifting the coastline, the wave height etc.
  • On the shore of approximately 750 meters of the hotel Mediterranean Village and the beach that serves the hotels Mediterranean Resort and Mediterranean Princess, there are many varieties of fish. It is characteristic that the results of measurements of the Coast Mediterranean Village and the Coast Municipality of Katerini, the results of the analyzes in recent years, ranked the first class purity of the water, rewarding for 2014 these shores with the “Blue Flag”.
  • Organization coast Cleanup from the hotel staff within the award with “Blue Flag” and encourage our customers.
  • Daily cleaning of the award winning Blue Flag Coast Mediterranean Village and coast serving the hotel Mediterranean Princess during the bathing season by qualified personnel and with similar machines.
  • Cooperation with the largest companies in the industry for supplying detergent Housekeeping, kitchen, dishwasher and washing machine. Selection of certified green products.
  • Thorough check receipts feed materials from organized department FB and explicit verbal commands to the kitchen staff of our hotels.
  • Daily frequent and meticulous waste collection with an emphasis on recycling. Keeping daily quantities kitchen waste in Mediterranean Village hotel in a special cooling chamber.
  • Monthly chemical and microbiological control of drinking water in the Mediterranean Village hotels and Mediterranean Princess and annual monitoring microbiological detection of legionella in water all of our hotels.
  • Automatic chlorination of drinking water volumetric chlorinators in the hotels Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess. Dosing chlorinator in Hotel Mediterranean Resort.
  • Thorough cleaning of the filters of our air conditioning units and filters of ventilation units.
  • Periodic deworming program and control rodents and weekly monitoring by specialized certified partner company. Recordkeeping insect vermin control. Issue of a certificate from the certified partner company.
  • Establish three daily checks and cleaning the water of swimming pools of the Hotels of the Group by qualified personnel of the Group’s maintenance department during the bathing season. Check PH and residual chlorine test-kits and periodic inspection by e photometric system by the Group. Electronic record keeping of the results of the measurements.
  • Use of the minimum of chemicals in swimming pools . Use certified chemical chlorination and disinfection by recognized European Companies. Keeping electronic chemical utilization file.
  • Daily and frequent cleaning coast summer hotels Mediterranean Village (Blue Flag 2014) and Mediterranean Princess, by qualified personnel and with suitable equipment.
  • To expand and strengthen the existing natural environment in the hotels Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess, were planted trees, shrubby, seasonal plants and large turf surfaces.
  • Among others, there are approximately 250 and maintained rooted trees in Hotel Mediterranean Village, 550 trees Leyland, 180 lemon trees, 450 arbutus, 200 shrubby angelic and a total of about 60 Palm Trees in the hotels Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess.
  • The green maintenance is the work of the Group organized Maintenance Department Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera.
  • Full respect for the preservation of animal wealth of the region and hundreds of birds feeding and enjoy the flora of the Group assemblies.
    • Working with local organizations and associations my services for the protection and management of stray animals in the area.
  • Prompt to our clients daily to visit the Park of Olympus and contact with unlimited natural wealth of the mythical mountain.
    • We check as we can our supplying companies that do not experiment in the production of their products on animals or use other unacceptable ways and practices.
  • To the Group Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera, is organized and implemented in recent years systematic waste collection and recycling program. Specifically:
  • Recycling paper and paper packaging of goods, placing a special press paper in Mediterranean Village Hotel in collaboration with certified recycling company that hosts the collection.
  • Recycling glass and empty non-refundable bottles to separate collection at Mediterranean Village Hotel in collaboration with certified recycling company that hosts the collection.
  • Recycling of iron and aluminum in site Mediterranean Village in collaboration with certified iron recycling company that hosts the collection.
  • We always use recycled packaging inks and toners for our printers.
  • In hotels Mediterranean Village and Mediterranean Princess are placed lamp recycling bins in collaboration with certified lamp recycling company that hosts the collection.
  • The collection of waste electrical appliances is made by a certified recycling company electrical appliances.
  • We deliver a special certified company the cooking oil from restaurants and kitchens of our hotels.
  • We have placed special recycling bins in all our hotels and we urge our customers to help us try it.
  • We have placed special recycling bins throughout the length of the Blue Flag beach of the hotel Mediterranean Village.
  • Particular attention also to the unnecessary overuse of products and therefore are given printed instructions on the proper use of both white goods and other products to avoid the environmental burden of cleaning chemicals and production as few products for disposal.
  • In public toilets hotels have installed drying systems hands with air in order to reduce paper consumption.
  • Within the gardens of the hotel complexes Group Mediterranean Hotels – Pieria, Olympus Riviera selected plants resistant to drought, thus requiring relatively small amounts of water to maintain. Automatic watering with minimal water consumption, always in the evening
  • Attemption to reduce the use of water consumption with messages to our customers and continuing education and encouragement to the staff and with automation where possible (inverters etc.)
  • Encourage our customers to use the shower and not full baths, consuming much greater amount of water.</