Health Care and Safety POLICY

Our first priority is the Health Care & Safety of our Guests and Visitors. Wellbeing, Quality of services as well as Customers satisfaction are also important to us.
The Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa is fully committed to apply preventive and protective measures in order to successfully manage Guest’s and Visitors Health safety, against potential risks and Health incidents.
Our Top Management will guarantee availability of all resources necessary to properly implement and monitor Guest’s and Visitors Health Care & Safety conditions, as well as the Blue & White Office operational requirements.
Health Care and Safety policy aims minimize risks, and satisfy our customer needs, as well as the enhancement of operational performance and development of related specific skills by our Staff.
The Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa is committed to fully satisfy the current Legal and Technical requirements, regarding Health & Safety prevention and protection measures.
Continuous improvement of B&W Certification System, is monitored and guaranteed through systematic reviews and external auditing activities.


Our HOTEL has implemented and following the requirements of B&W CERT criteria, regarding Health Care & Safety of Guests and Visitors. The scope of «B&W» Scheme of Qualification Criteria Conformity Assessment is to assure the desired level of health wellbeing and safety in the context of:

  • Non-Communicable Disease Health Incidents, related to acute and intermediate healthcare response to emergencies cases’ management as well as Primary Health care cases’ management. [Blue Office]
  • Communicable Diseases Incidents, related to the prevention and surveillance of infectious communicable diseases management as well as acute health care response to an emergency, due to an infectious incident or an outbreak in the hosting premises, during an epidemic or pandemic situation, like COVID19. [White Office]

Our «Hospitality Structure» under the perspective of «B&W» qualification and certification criteria, does not undertake responsibilities related to medical services and does not subsidize the role of any medical care provider, but is aiming to assure effective implementation of health and safety procedures according requirements, for all Guest’s and Visitors.